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Hey there! My name - as you've probably gathered by now - is Haden Ezekiel Felix, and I'm a voice actor currently based out of Savannah, GA.

Originally from southwest Michigan, I fell in love with acting when I was five years old. As I grew up, I got involved with all kinds of performing: band, choir, theatre, you name it. My passion led me to pursue acting in college, and eventually, end up in the world of VO.


I also still carry a deep passion for music; alongside my voiceover work, I'm a singer, percussionist, and composer. When I'm not performing, I like playing/writing tabletop RPGs, cooking, playing video and board games, and cuddling with my cat.

I'm also a content creator and streamer! You can watch me on Twitch both as a solo streamer (Treble_Klefki), or as a pirate cook displaced in time on The Seventh Sanctum (7thsanctumcrew).


 Whether it's for animation, interactive, commercials, promos, or simply looking to hire trans talent, I have just the voice you're looking for!

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